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Experience High Quality Magic At Magotamarit Com Your Go To Magicians In Barcelona

In every generation of magicians, there comes someone who transcends boundaries, changing the style, and creating new sensations. Enter Rafa Tamarit, a magician who offers a professional magic show for events in Barcelona. His selection of participatory illusion effects guarantees an unforgettable experience for your guests.

A Magical Portfolio:

Rafa Tamarit’s magic has been enjoyed by distinguished personalities such as Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google), Margarita Robles (Minister of Defense), and José Antonio Benedicto (Secretary of State). Top-notch companies like McDonald’s, Nespresso, Google, Apple, and American Express have also witnessed the enchantment of Rafa’s magic at their events.

Tailored Magic Solutions:

Whether you are celebrating a 50th birthday, organizing a corporate event, planning your wedding cocktail party, or considering custom magic effects for your product, Rafa Tamarit has the perfect magical solution for your event in Barcelona.

Magic for Companies and Individuals:

Rafa’s magic is of the highest quality, featuring carefully selected participatory illusion numbers and cutting-edge modern magic, including mobile phone magic, card magic, money magic, and mentalism. The show revolves around making the spectator the true protagonist of a unique and unforgettable experience, all delivered in an atmosphere of fun and utmost respect for the audience.

Rafa Tamarit firmly rejects the crude magician stereotype that resorts to inappropriate jokes. Instead, he focuses on what he does best—offering high-quality participatory magic effects.

23 Years in the World of Magic: Over 1500 Shows:

With over 23 years of experience, Rafa Tamarit’s magic has graced more than 250 companies and over 1500 shows worldwide. The consistent goal throughout these years has been to provide professional, high-quality magic.

Carefully Selected Magic: A Unique Experience:

Fill your event with quality magic, creating a memorable experience for your guests. Explore magic videos, learn about magical clients, and discover success stories of magic for companies on the website.

Google Reviews and Testimonials:

Read testimonials from notable figures like Eric Schmidt and Margarita Robles who have experienced Rafa Tamarit’s magic firsthand. Their words reflect the awe and admiration they felt during his performances.

  • Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, expressed admiration for Rafa’s impeccable card tricks, describing him as an entrepreneurial spirit that Spain should be proud of.Read the full article in El Economista / The Economist.
  • Margarita Robles, Minister of Defense, was left astounded and suggested that Rafa either reveal the secrets of his tricks or be hired for her team.

Get in Touch:

For those seeking a magician in Barcelona, Rafa Tamarit offers tailored solutions for your event. Contact him via email at or call at 625 737 043.

Experience the magic for yourself; don’t just hear about it. Live it with Rafa Tamarit, your go-to magician in Barcelona.

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